Core Cables

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Chennai, we offer rg 59 3 core cable, 2 core cable, 6 core cable, rg-6 2 core cable, 4 core access control cable and flat cctv 5 core cable.

RG 59 3 Core Cable

RG-59 3 core is a specific type of coaxial cable, often used for low-power video and RF signal connections.

2 Core Cable

2 Core cable is a specially designed cable that has two separate conductors coated with a special insulator, making it more flexible to cope with pressure associated with the moving objects. It is used where only single power phase is required to be conducted or in the appliances that do not require any earth connection.

Access Control Cable

6 Core Access control composite cables address connectivity for all primary access control components such as card readers, door contacts, REX and locking power/retinal scan. These cables are used in commercial buildings, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and government buildings.

RG-6 2 Core Cable

RG 6 2 core, is combination of signalling and DC power supply.

4+1 Flat CCTV Cable

The Flat CCTV cable has be used in Elevator application.